How To Fuse In Summoners War

Weve got a number of meet ups on the way and update 506 brought some cool changes to. This is an active fusion hexagram chart to help you figure out what you need to get your favorite monsters.

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The fuse center is a building which allows players to fuse lower grade essences into a higher grade at a cost of mana stones.

How to fuse in summoners war.
All you have to do is to fuse four 4 star awakened monsters.
Fusing essences are one way and final.
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Summoners war daily missions and.
Baretta is relatively easy to get since the early stages of summoners war.
Legend sd secret dungeon you will have to farm them in.

The fire vampire verdehile is an extremely versatile monster that can be used in both pvp and pve settings.
Dark ifrit veromos summoners war.
Baretta fire sylph is a.

Fuse it as your first natural.
Fusion hexagram is a special type of summoning circle which allows players to summon 4 star and 5 star monsters by fusing or sacrificing monsters of lower grades.
I put him so low on the list because its pretty obvious that you should fuse veromos.

Progress your summoners war account 7x faster.
Ifrit dark is only obtainable in summoners war by fusing four 5 star awakened monsters.
The dark ifrit veromos is one of the best fusion monsters and continues to be relevant in pve for a huge part of any summoner.

Summoners war daily missions and rewards.