Summoners War Igmanodon

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Summoners War Igmanodon The Fire Lizardman Secret Dungeon Good Or Food

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View guides stats and rune recommendations for fire lizardman igmanodon.

Summoners war igmanodon.
Stats grade level min lv.
Fire lizardman igmanodon water lizardman kernodon wind.
Igmanodon review with violent revenge rune build spd def def.

Decreases the chances of being attacked with a critical hit by 50 and decreases the attackers attack speed for 1 turn with a 50 chance when.
Fire lizardman igmanodonis a summoners war sky arena monster.
Summoners war content covering every aspects of the game.

Lizardman is a group of monsters in summoners war that consists of 5 natural 3 star monsters.
Igmanodon is excellent in raid battles he is often put in frontline since his best build.
Igmanodon fire lizardman is a good defense tank monster in summoners war.

Glinodon light lizardman is a food monster in summoners war.
Lizardman x3 igmanodon x4 navigator.