Summoners War Wind Monkey

Wind monkey king xing zheis a summoners war sky arena monster. Xing zhe wind monkey king is a great monster with revenge type passive skill in summoners war.

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Toa 80 Xing Zhe The Wind Monkey King Farmable Team

Europe Server Summoners War Tian Liang Ld Nat 5 Toys

40 normal hp 4635 7875 6300 10710 atk 271 4.

Summoners war wind monkey.
View guides stats and rune recommendations for wind monkey king xing zhe.
35 damage mitigation counter chance now.
Xing zhe is used especially in arena defense and raid battle thanks.

Stats grade level min lv.
Heres how people are using him.
How to rune monkey king.

Fire monkey king mei hou wang water monkey king shi hou.
Ydcb summoners war 1st pick xing zhe mobile.
Monkey king is a group of monsters in summoners war that consists of 5 natural 5 star monsters.

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