Summoners War Wind Pirate

Stats grade level min lv. Pirate captain is a group of monsters in summoners war that consists of 5 natural 4 star monsters.

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Summoners war 5 year.

Summoners war wind pirate.
Lets take him into some arena and see how he does d.
He works just as effectively against wind monsters.
He has two skills that reset the attack bar of the enemy since the third one will trigger.

Fire pirate captain carrack water pirate captain galleon.
40 normal hp 2880 4905 3.
Mystical scroll mystical summon temple of wishes wind scroll legendary scroll.

Barque wind pirate captain is a nice attack monster in summoners war.
Pirate captain x4 barque x5 navigator.
The water pirate captain galleon is arguably one of the most game changing.