Top Summoners War Monsters

We break down the top monsters 3 star 4 star 5 star and if they are good in pvp or pve. They are a staple to every early mid game team build.

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Home guide guide top 10 first monsters you should be focusing on summoners war.

Top summoners war monsters.
These were voted the top 10 best and most used monsters in the game.
Runes are summoners wars version of gear.
This is a list that will be updated periodically filter the columns by clicking on the rating criteri.

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The objective of this guide for summoners war is to provide concise description of monsters for summoners at an earlymid game level who are focusing on efficiently.
You guys voted on it lets check out the results for the top 10 natural 5 star monsters in summoners war.

Here well list the best monsters in summoners war you should keep.
Here are the top monsters as rated by you the community.
All fire summoners war monsters in details.

The monster guide of monsters.
Come visit us and check out our guide for the top ten farmable monsters in summoners war you should focus on.
Top monsters past 3 months light dryad.